1. Philosophy of the Childrensclub

The winter landscape and the natural surroundings provide the nicest playground for your children. Everything that children learn while skiing is off their own bat. We can set an example and also let them in on a few secrets. Children learn from other children and in turn act as teachers to other children. Nothing can compare to the power of a scurrying bunch of rascals! Children’s contentment is a unique proof of our success. Being able to expand upon your scope of abilities is a wonderful feeling. and where this scope lies is something that each child decides for themselves. The greatest demonstration of confidence for parents is when they let their children be supervised by others. This trust also means letting go. Children want to learn and they can surprise you with what they know.

The St. Johann in Tirol ski school has:

  • Children's animation with own animator
  • Children's area with many learning aids and figures
  • Free children's magic carpet
  • Free children's lift
  • wave track adventure
  • park shuttle train
  • Olympiad with diploma
  • Lunchtime care in our own children's pasture